Landscape Master Plan

Where Are We in the Process?

We are currently in the stage of developing a preliminary landscape master plan that will be shared with stakeholders.

What Has Occurred?

A kickoff public meeting for Cooper City’s Landscape Master Plan was held on January 11, 2024. We received valuable input from multiple members of the community as we embarked on revitalizing our community’s landscape. The meeting, held at Cooper City Hall and virtually via Zoom, aimed to gather insights from residents, business owners, and stakeholders to ensure the success of this crucial plan.

Following the public meeting, a survey was offered to residents and stakeholders via the City's weekly e-newsletter, social media platforms, and website. The survey contained the same questions posed to those who attended the in-person and virtual meeting on January 11. The survey closed on Friday, February 9. Our consultant, Chen Moore and Associates, is currently analyzing the data gathered through the kickoff public meeting and surveys. The data is being used to develop a preliminary plan.

What's Next?

The preliminary landscape master plan will be presented to residents, businesses, and interested stakeholder during a second public meeting. We will provide information on this meeting through our various communication channels, including weekly e-newsletters, social media, and our website. We encourage you to sign up now for weekly newsletters.

We Want to Hear from You

If you have an opinion or suggestion, please send us an email at