Cooper City Connects International Friendship Program

Cooper City Connects is an instrument of international diplomacy. Our program offers an opportunity to establish an international dialogue; it encourages diversity and promotes cultural exchanges between the City of Cooper City and cities around the world where Cooper City residents and businesses have, or wish to establish social connections and common bonds.

Participation in the program shall include the following components:

A Petitioner (CC resident or business) will submit an Affidavit of Good Intentions to the City, which will include:

  • The Name of the City to which they wish to “Connect”
  • The Date of Connection (date that the petitioner will visit the international city to exchange proclamations).
  • A Description of the Cultural, familial environmental or topographical “connections” that currently exist, or that the petitioner wishes to develop.
  • Contact information for the international City’s organization at the highest level.
  • A Declaration of “No financial gain” by either party relative to the “connection”.
  • Oath of Goodwill.
  • Indemnification of Cooper City.

Applications shall be submitted to the City Commission Office.

City staff will author a “Connection” proclamation recognizing the international partner, and provide the petitioner with the Cooper City proclamation to be personally exchanged between the petitioner and the international city’s highest elected official.

The highest ranking elected official of the “Connection” city is expected to return a reciprocal proclamation to Cooper City in care of the visiting Cooper City petitioner, to be publicly read at a scheduled City presentation. The reciprocal proclamation shall be released to the custody of Cooper City.

The petitioner shall have the option of purchasing a commemorative brick paver, through our Remembrance Walkway Engraved Brick Program. Brick pavers purchased for this purpose shall be set in Memorial Park in a designated Cooper City Connects area, which will be established by the inaugural engraved brick issued on behalf of the Arsoli, Italy Connection.

The petitioner must agree to accept any cost that may be associated with related presentation materials as part of their petition.

The petitioner must acknowledge and accept that Cooper City will bear no expense or cost related to the travel or preparation for travel to the international destination related to the “connection”.

A standard proclamation shall include the name of the city, key relatable “connecting” distinctions between Cooper City and the international connection, and the date of the presentation, preferably by the petitioner to the connection; but optionally by Cooper City to the petitioner.

  • A preliminary “Cities Connect” policy was submitted to the Cooper City Commission on May 14, 2019. The inaugural proclamation was presented to Commissioner Pulcini, establishing the program’s acceptance, on May 28, 2019. On June 13, 2019. Commissioner Pulcini personally presented the Cooper City Proclamation to the City of Arsoli; thereby establishing the first official connection, as the City likewise presented their corresponding Arsoli Proclamation to Cooper City, care of Commissioner Max Pulcini.
  • Our second proclamation was presented to Mr. Joy Kuttiyani, establishing a "Cities Connect" with Bharananganam Panchayat, India, on April 26, 2022.  
  • The first Cooper City Connects brick paver shall be entered into the memorial walkway in Memorial Park upon approval by the city commission.
  • Program participants may purchase a commemorative  paver to be added to the designated Cooper City Connects area in the memorial walkway, depicting the name of their international connection through our Memorial Walk Engraved Brick Program.