Notice to Bidders - ITB 2023-06-UTL, Pump Station #55 Generator Replacement



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City of Cooper City, Florida, will be accepting sealed bids until 3:00 PM (EST) on Monday, November 27, 2023, from qualified contractors capable of replacing the existing pump station #55 generator including electrical work, power, control, and lighting replacement. Proposed improvements consist of replacing the new generator outside of the existing generator room and will include a sound-attenuating, weatherproof enclosure, and sub-base fuel tank. The project will also involve the installation of a 12-inch Ductile Iron Pipe (DIP) force main bypass using open-cut methods at pump station #55. The scope of work encompasses connecting the new force main to the existing manifold on the pump station's suction side force main, installing fitting, valves, and establishing connections to the existing 12-inch force main. Bidders/Proposers shall comply with all rules and regulations for this type of project and follow the terms, conditions, and specifications contained in this solicitation. The Awarded Contractor shall provide all materials, labor, tools, equipment, machinery, mobilization, supervision, supplies, expertise, and services for the completion of the project in its entirety to the City of Cooper City.


ITB 2023-06-UTL

The detailed Invitation to Bid (ITB) shall be obtained online at


Bids must be received in the City Clerk’s Office located in City Hall, 9090 SW 50th Place, Cooper City, Florida 33328 no later than 3:00PM (EST), Monday, November 27, 2023.The outside of the envelope or box must be clearly marked “ITB 2023-06-UTL, PUMP STATION #55 GENERATOR REPLACEMENT” and shall contain one (1) identified, unbound original, two (2) copies and one (1) electronic copy (flash drive) of your bid/proposal.
A mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held on Thursday, November 9, 2023,at 2:00 PM EST and located at the Cooper City Public Works Department located at 9070 SW 51st Street, Cooper City, FL 33328.


For questions and/or requests for information about this solicitation, please contact Such contact shall be for clarification purposes only. Material changes, if any, to the Scope of Services or bidding procedures will only be transmitted by written addendum. All questions must be submitted in writing.  Questions of a material nature must be received prior to the cut-off date specified in the Bid/Proposal Schedule.  No part of your bid/proposal can be submitted via fax or e-mail.
The City Commission of the City of Cooper City reserves the right, for any reason, to reject any and all bids/bids and to make awards in the best interest of the City.


A Cone of Silence is hereby imposed pursuant to the updated Section 2-270 of the City’s Code of Ordinances, prohibiting communication regarding this Invitation to Bid between a potential contractor, vendor, service provider, bidder, lobbyist, or; consultant and the City Commissioners, City’s professional staff including, but not limited to, the City Manager and staff, any member of the City’s selection or evaluation committee.  For further information about the Cone of Silence, please see Section 2-270 updated by Ordinance 23-15 or contact the City’s Purchasing Division.


                                                                                                CITY OF COOPER CITY
                                                                                                City Clerk’s Office


Cooper City Hall 9090 SW 50th Place Cooper CityFL  33328