Sanitary Sewer Lining Project Begins in Cooper Estates

Cooper City's Utilities Department has initiated the early stages of a project that will be completed in conjunction with Shenandoah General Construction, LLC, to provide gravity sewer system rehabilitation services.

One of the major components of the City’s Water & Sewer Capital Improvement Master Plan is the rehabilitation of the gravity sewer collection system. Many of the sewer pipes are constructed of vitrified clay and have reached the end of their useful lives (mostly in the eastern side of the City). As these pipes age they develop cracks and defects that, left unresolved, lead to increasing amounts of ground water infiltration. Similarly, concrete manholes deteriorate in the aggressive environment found in sewer systems, and can result in infiltration. Groundwater infiltration increases pumping costs and reduces treatment plant capacity. Defects can also lead to backups and overflows and may ultimately undermine the right-of-way to the point of street collapse. The cost of these consequences exceeds the cost of proactive pipe rehabilitation.

The least disruptive and most cost effective means of sewer pipe rehabilitation is by internal lining. Using this process, a structural lining is inserted into the old pipe, essentially becoming a new pipe inside of the old one. The lining has a lifespan that is comparable to a new pipe constructed by conventional trench excavation. Manholes, too, can be rehabilitated and then lined to help extend their useful lives.

Throughout the City, particularly in the older sections, our Utilities Department has identified a number of pipes and service connections (also known as laterals) that require rehabilitation. Of these, 65 laterals have been selected in the Cooper Estates neighborhood that can be rehabilitated within the limits of the Fiscal Year 2022 budget.

What Residents Can Expect
Our Utilities Department has started work along SW 55 Street and SW 55 Court in Cooper Estates.  Work within the community is expected to last at least two months.  City workers will perform their work along the sidewalk.  The contractor, Shenandoah, will provide notice with door hangers prior to starting its portion of the project.  Please see the link below for an example of the door hanger.  It will request that residents restrict their water usage during specific time periods.

Residents can contact the City's Utilities Department by calling 954-434-5519.