City Commission Regular Meeting Brief for June 28, 2022

City Commission Approves the Permanent Closure of Forest Lake Dog Park
The City Commission approved the permanent closing of Forest Lake Dog Park.  The closure will be effective Tuesday, July 5, 2022.  At this time, the City is exploring options for relocating the dog park.  During the City Commission Regular Meeting on June 14, 2022, Public Works Director Thomas Good provided a presentation on potential options for relocation.  Any and all options for the relocation of the dog park will be brought before the City Commission, for approval, at a future date.

City Commission Approves and Authorizes Project Development Agreement
The City Commission has approved and authorized a Project Development Agreement (PDA) between the City and Energy Systems Group, LLC.  On August 12, 2021 the City advertised for Energy Savings Performance Contractor Services.  The scope of services included a full range of energy, operations, and capital budget (EOCB) related capital improvements to be implemented for the City’s facilities, including buildings, grounds, parks, water and wastewater facilities and upgrade of water meters from manual to automated metering infrastructure (AMI).  Three consultants: Ameresco, Energy Systems Group, Inc., and Johnson Control responded to the Request for Quotes (RFQ).  After evaluating all three (3) proposals, the evaluation committee ranked Energy Systems Group, Inc. (ESG) as its top choice.  ESG was also found to be the most responsive and responsible proposer.  The recommended PDA is the first phase of the two-phase project at a total cost not to exceed $78,000, should the City choose not to proceed with the second phase. The second phase is the implementation or the construction phase. If the City decides to proceed with it, the $78,000 cost of the first phase will be rolled into the second phase.

City Commission Amends and Approves Ordinance 22-18 on First Reading
The City Commission approved an amended ordinance, on first reading, which would designate an additional $2.1 million of the General Fund for future beautification and capital improvement projects.  The amended ordinance will be brought forward for a second reading during the City Commission Regular Meeting scheduled for July 26, 2022.

City Commission Rejects Ordinance 22-13 on Second Reading
The City Commission rejected an ordinance which would have amended Chapter 2, entitled “Administration,” Article VII entitled, “Finance,” of the City’s Code of Ordinances by creating Section 2-210, to be entitled “General Fund Minimum Fund Balance Requirement.” 

City Commission Approves Ordinance 22-15 on First Reading
The City Commission has approved an ordinance that amends Chapter 25 of the City’s Code of Ordinances, entitled “Development Standards;” by specifically amending Article II, Section 25-5 entitled “Design of Off-Street Parking;” amending the parking space design standards detailed in Figure 1.  This change to the parking design standard now allows for double stripes with either a rounded end or a squared end.  The City’s Community Development Department has received complaints that the rounded ends take longer to strip and cost more due to the increased time required.  The Planning and Zoning Board unanimously recommended approval of this amendment during its meeting on April 4, 2022. 

Discussion Items of Note
The City Commission had a discussion on the qualification of District 1 Candidate Joshua Giancarlo.  The City Attorney provided information and notice of the City’s intent to file a declaration action in the circuit court to determine whether Mr. Giancarlo meets the City Charter’s one-year residency requirement for District 1 subsequent to the latest re-districting.   

The City Commission also discussed City Code 22-10 which, since 2005, has allowed for the City to inspect and issue registrations for commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles, boats, and trailers parked within a residential property.  The City Commission did not take any action following this discussion and expects to reexamine the current code during the next City Commission Regular Meeting.

More Information
For more information related to items on the June 28, 2022 agenda, please visit the City’s website at

The next City Commission Regular Meeting is scheduled for July 26, 2022 at Cooper City City Hall at 9090 SW 50 Place, Cooper City, FL 33328.