City Commission Regular Meeting Brief for January 24, 2023

City Commission Denies Amended Resolution 22-48

The City Commission denied an amended resolution, which would have granted the request for a variance petition #V10-6-21 submitted by Nur-Ul-Islam of South Florida, Inc.

The proposed variance requested a deviation from Broward County Code Section 39-367 & 39-103 which limits a height of two stories (20 feet), plus 25%, for towers and domes if the building is located within 200 feet of a residentially zoned property. The mosque building was originally proposed at 192 feet from a residentially zoned property. Within the amended resolution, which was denied by the City Commission, the petitioner proposed that the mosque building be 200 feet away from a residentially zoned property. The new two-story mosque building was proposed at 11,927 square feet. On the roof of this building was an original design for three minaret towers, with one at 100 feet and two at 70 feet along with a dome at 51 feet in height.

Within the amended resolution, the two 70-foot minarets were eliminated from the plan and the proposed 100-foot minaret was reduced to 83 feet. Furthermore, the domes were proposed at 50 feet and 40 feet in the amended resolution. The proposed mosque building at 35 feet and a minaret at 100 feet had been previously approved by Broward County in September of 2000 when the property was unincorporated, but that height variance expired after 180 days. The original variance petition would have restored the mosque building on the site plan as originally approved by the County along with two new 70 foot minarets and a 51 foot dome.


City Commission Amends and Approves Resolution 22-47

The City Commission amended and approved a resolution, which grants site plan approval pursuant to the amending of Site Plan Amendment Petition #SPA10-1-21 for the approximately 4.2 acres of real property known as Nur-Ul-Islam, generally located at 10600 SW 59th Avenue. The original request for a site plan amendment would allow the construction of a new three-story school building and a new mosque building with three minarets and a dome roof within the existing Nur-Ul-Islam development. However, the City Commission denied a variance petition request for a mosque design that was submitted along with the original site plan amendment petition.

The amended site plan moves the proposed mosque building approximately eight (8) feet to the west so that it will be constructed 200 feet away from residentially zoned properties and thereby avoiding the need for a variance petition. The amended site plan also reduces the proposed mosque building’s minaret to 50 feet high and will need to abide by the City’s Comprehensive Plan. The amended site plan will also require that Nur-Ul-Islam undertake roadway improvements to include, new turn lanes, and striping along SW 106th Avenue and SW 110TH Avenue, along with the widening of SW 59TH Street. The roadway improvements will be completed at Nur-Ul-Islam’s expense.

Within the site plan amendment petition, the proposed school building has ground-floor covered parking with school recreation space on the second floor and middle school classrooms on the third floor. The proposed school building will be 14,055 square-feet and will hold 135 students, increasing the total enrollment from 425 to 560 students. If approved, the school building site will have 51,600 square-feet of school use on the property. A new two-story mosque building totals 11,927 square-feet with open (no fixed seats) worship areas on both floors along with restrooms and storage closets. A revised parent drop-off/stacking plan is proposed and includes staff members stationed at numerous locations to ensure an organized and efficient drop-off (7:30 a.m.-8:30 a.m.) and pick-up (2:45 p.m., 2:55 p.m. & 3:07 p.m.). Included in the backup materials is a letter from the school committing to an alternate arrival plan, requiring parents to access the school entrance via 110th Avenue from West if stacking delays are experienced on SW 106th Avenue.


City Commission Amends and Approves Resolution 22-49

The City Commission amended and approved a resolution, which approves the Plat Note Amendment pursuant to Petition #PA4-2-22 for the approximately 4.2 acres of real property generally located at 10600 SW 59th Avenue in Cooper City, Florida. This resolution amends the plat to allow for the construction of a new 14,055 square-foot school building with classrooms and recreation space for an additional 135 students and a new mosque building totaling 11,927 square-feet. This plat note amendment is subject to the approved roadway improvements being completed. As a condition of approval to the plat note amendment, all roadway improvements must be completed by the petitioner prior to a Certificate of Occupancy being issued.


City Commission approves the execution of an agreement if Imperial Electric Inc.

The Public Works Department has a need for street and sports field lighting repair services.   The City of Cooper City has utilized Imperial Electrical Inc. for street and sports field lighting repairs in the past and found them to be responsive and capable of performing the repairs on an as-needed bases within the city’s street light repairs operating budget.


City Commission Amends and Adopts Ordinance 23-1

The City Commission amended and approved an ordinance, which amends the notice of requirements for land development applications in the City to expand the radius for public notice to 700ft, with the minor residential variances public notice requirements at 100ft.


More Information

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The next City Commission Regular Meeting will be held on February 14, 2023 at 6:30pm at Cooper City Hall located at 9090 SW 50th Place, Cooper City, FL 33328. City Commission Special Recognition meeting scheduled for February 14, 2023 at 5:30pm preceding the Regular City Commission Meeting.