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Traffic Advisory

TRAFFIC ADVISORY: Expect increased traffic on Stirling Road in and around Embassy Lakes entrance and along Hiatus and eastbound SE Lake Blvd during school days for approximately the next six months. Embassy Lakes' Sheridan Street gate is closed for improvements. #CooperCity #Traffic

  • The Sheridan Street gate into Embassy Lakes will be closed for tentatively 6 months.
  • Only the pedestrian gate on either side of the guard gate will be open at that location. This will allow for pedestrian traffic, but not vehicular traffic. 
  • The commercial vehicles are going to be directed to use the Stirling Rd. entrance.
  • As a result, Stirling Rd. will have extra traffic. 
  • The closure will cause more traffic along Hiatus and eastbound SE Lake Blvd during the regular school day, as well as the summer school session planned at Embassy Creek Elementary (June 21 – July 29).