Cooper City Begins Strategic Process of Replacing Failing Water Meters

Certain digital water meters have been failing to transmit accurate reads. As a result of the failing meters, monthly billing has been estimated based on customers’ previous usage or, in some cases, billed at the base residential rate for multiple months rather than reflecting actual water usage. To be clear, this issue does not affect all Cooper City Utility customers but only those whose digital water meter has failed to transmit accurate information.
The City is taking strategic steps to correct the issue by replacing the failing meters that resulted in under-billed accounts. This replacement phase will take multiple months to complete.
This message serves as initial notice of steps being taken to correct this issue. More information will be forthcoming as we work to replace the failing meters. To check if your water meter has been failing to transmit information, please call us at 954-434-4300 and dial 1. Our customer service team can verify if your water usage has been estimated or not billed during previous billing periods.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate customers’ understanding during this process. Additional information will be provided as this project progresses.