City Commission Regular Meeting Brief for July 26, 2022

City Commission Approves Resolution 22-21
The City Commission approved a resolution which approves and authorizes proper City officials to execute the third amendment to a settlement agreement with Broward County and several settling municipalities pertaining to the City of Sunrise, et al., vs. Broward County.  In June 2015, the County and settling municipalities, including the City of Cooper City, entered into a settlement agreement to sell a parcel of land known as Alpha 250.  Within the original settlement agreement, Alpha 250 was detailed as “vacant and undeveloped, and has not been used for any solid waste disposal purposes.”  Solid waste factored into the discussion due to Alpha 250’s proximity to Ash Monofill and the Broward Interim Contingency Landfill a/k/a Southwest Regional Landfill.  Since the original settlement agreement, settling municipalities have amended the settlement agreement two previous times with Broward County to delay the sale of Alpha 250.  Settling municipalities agreed that a delay was necessary to conduct a joint independent study to investigate how a 75% County-wide recycling goal could be reached and whether retaining public ownership of Alpha 250 would facilitate the meeting of that goal or provide other benefits in connection with solid waste disposal in Broward County.  The third amendment, approved by the City Commission, now aligns with the parties agreeing to extend the sale delay period until October 11, 2023.  This delay provides the Solid Waste Working Group (SWWG), established by settling municipalities and other municipalities, additional time to develop recommendations for a regional solid waste management system based on shared principles and commitments.

City Commission Approves Resolution 22-22
The City Commission approved a resolution that authorizes the City’s submission of a grant application to the Florida Department of Protection for Vulnerability Assessment under their Resilient Florida Program in the amount of $170,000.  On June 7, 2022, the City was notified by the Florida Department of Environment Protection (FDEP), Office of Resilience and Coastal Protection (ORCP), that it has not prepared a Vulnerability Assessment (VA) of the City or currently has one that is in compliance with Florida Statute 380.093(3). The ORCP also advised that grant funding was available from FDEP where no match was required with the application deadline of June 22, 2022 to be submitted online.  Due to the short application window and after consultation with the ORCP Administrator, the City’s application was uploaded and accepted with the city manager’s interim authorization on June 22, 2022. However, a resolution’s formal approval by the City Commission was required for the processing of the application.  If the VA Study identifies and concludes that upgrades of certain critical assets are necessary, the City may be eligible for matching grant funds for future construction.  There is no fiscal impact for the Vulnerability Assessment Study due to it being fully grant-funded by the State.

City Commission Approves Resolution 22-23
The City Commission approved a resolution that authorizes the execution of continuing contracts for General Planning Services with Leigh Robinson Kerr & Associates Inc., SEP Engineering & Construction Inc., Corradino Group, and The Kimley Group for the period beginning upon adoption and ending October 17, 2023, as established through the City of Oakland Park’s competitive bidding process and subsequent public contracts for General Planning Services.  The City of Cooper City periodically requires planning services for the preparation of specialized reports, studies, and comprehensive assessments of projects that, due to size and scope, impacts and complexity, require multiple cities, county, and state actions/approvals or require reports and studies of a specialized nature.  The intent of this resolution and subsequent agreement(s) is to provide for vetted, qualified experienced and approved planning services at agreed upon rates for proposed services associated with general planning services, outside of, or in addition to the regular scope of work in the auspices of the City’s planning team. Use of these piggyback agreement(s) will enable the City to avoid potential or unnecessary delays and increased costs associated with individual solicitations.  Approval this resolution and subsequent agreements in accordance with the agreement and extension(s) previously entered into by the City of Oakland Park with the identified agencies specified therein, will have no immediate financial impact. Costs will be incurred only when services are requested and utilized by any of the General Planning Services Consultants agencies identified herein.

City Commission Approves Resolution 22-24
The City Commission approved a resolution that rescinds Resolution 21-8, which was adopted on February 9, 2021; approving execution of a revised water agreement to upsize four water meters from 1½” to 2” for an increased total differential cost of $19,280.64 with Ammar and Ali Assad Irrev Tr at 13590 Stirling Road; and Adnan Issa M Asad Irrev Tr Bajandas at 5950 Asad Court, Southwest Ranches.

City Commission Approves Resolution 22-25
The City Commission approved a resolution that authorizes the execution of a Water and Sewer Developer’s Agreement, for 38 Equivalent Residential Connections (ERCs), with CC Homes at Kingfisher Reserve, LLC.  CC Homes at Kingfisher Reserve, LLC is constructing a new project known as Kingfisher Project and is requesting water and sewer connections for a total of ERCs located on the east side of SW 106 Avenue, approximately half-a-mile north of Stirling Road.  CC Homes at Kingfisher Reserve, LLC has deposited, with the City, a check in the total amount of $136,974.04.

City Commission Approves Resolution 22-26
The City Commission approved a resolution that authorizes the execution of a Water and Sewer Developer’s Agreement, for 30 Equivalent Residential Connections (ERCs), with Mattamy Palm Beach LLC, for their Sienna Project, located at the north side of Sheridan Street, approximately 1,500 feet east of Pine Island Road.  Mattamy Palm Beach, LLC has deposited, with the City, a check in the total amount of $108,137.40.

City Commission Approves Resolution 22-27
The City Commission approved a resolution that authorizes the execution of a Water and Sewer Developer’s Agreement, for water service, with Stephanie and Aaron Brito, 4901 SW 114 Way, Davie, Florida, for one Equivalent Residential Connection (ERC).  The owners are currently on well water, which is causing them operational issues. As a result, they have requested that the City provide them with water service. Their adjacent property owners are on the City’s water system and within the service area.  The owners have requested that the City extend its service line for additional payment of construction cost as required by the City Code. The total cost for the owners are estimated at $5,344.86.

City Commission Approves First Amendment to the Attorney-Client Fee Agreement for Legal Services
The City Commission approved a first amendment to the Original Agreement to the Attorney-Client Fee Agreement with Goran, Cherof, Doody, & Ezrol, P.A. for legal services.  On or about January 22, 2019, the City and Law Firm entered into an agreement for Legal Services. The Original agreement provided that the Law Firm be compensated at the rate of $225 per hour.  The City Commission has approved the Law Firm’s amendment the Original Agreement to increase the Law Firm’s hourly rate to $250 per hour. 

City Commission Approves Agreement for Installation of Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors at Fire Station #28
The City Commission approved an agreement with TechgroupOne, Inc. for the installation of impact-resistant windows and doors at Broward Sheriff’s Office Fire Station #28, located in Cooper City.  On August 20, 2019, the City Commission approved Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) Hazard Mitigation Grant 4337-100-R allowing for a 75% reimbursement to harden Fire Station #28 by replacing existing windows and doors with impact rated protection. The grant originally allowed for $58,571.25 reimbursement on expenses totaling $78,095.00. Subsequently, the City requested an increase in funding and extension in time to complete the project. The requests were granted, allowing for reimbursement of $88,065.75 on expenses totaling $117,421.00. The Hazard Mitigation Grant expires April 30, 2023.  The hardening project includes replacement of the roll-up bay doors, four glass doors, and all the windows. The roll-up bay doors have been replaced at a cost of $44,925. The City has received its 75% reimbursement in the amount of $33,693.75 (City matching amount was $11,231.25). The windows and doors remain to be replaced with $54,372.00 of grant funds available for 75% reimbursement on total expenses.  The City Commission approved a Fiscal Year 2022 budget for the replacement of the windows and doors in the amount of $57,521.00.

City Commission Approves Agreement for Cleaning, Repair, and Restoration of Water Storage Tank
The City Commission approved an agreement with Crom, LLC, in the amount of $84,249.05, for the cleaning, repair, and restoration of a concrete water storage tank, located at 2650 North Pine Island Road, and hereby piggybacking the extended contract with the City of West Palm Beach.  The aforementioned two-million gallon water storage tank was built in 2006.  The original coating has lasted 16 years, but has since deteriorated and needs to be pressure cleaned, repaired, and restored.  City staff solicited a proposal from Crom, LLC which is the original builder of the concrete water tank. Based on their existing, competitively bid, contract with the City of West Palm Beach, which was awarded in 2019, the City staff recommended piggybacking this contract, in accordance with Section 2-258 (f) of the City’s procurement code. Crom LLC’s original contract with the City of West Palm Beach was for three (3) years but has now been extended for two (2) additional years and will now expire on June 3, 2024.  Crom LLC’s proposal, in the amount of $84,249.05, is within the $100,000.00 budget for this work.

City Commission Approves Agreement for Development of City-Wide Landscape Master Plan
The City Commission approved an agreement with Chen Moore and Associates, in the amount of $92,241, for the development of a City-wide Landscape Master Plan and supporting design guidelines.  During the Fiscal Year 2022 budget process, the City Commission recognized the need for improvements to Cooper City’s appearance. The City Commission directed staff to implement programs that would proactively create change and address the need for improvements. In addition to the programmatic implementation, the City Commission authorized funding to support the City’s beautification efforts.  Public Works staff initiated an accounting of landscape defects throughout the City and determined that much of the landscaping was in need of upgrades. Simply replacing lost material was not enough as some of the planting material has not only become outdated, but also prone to insects, disease, and environmental constraints. In addition, staff has identified opportunities for improvements in hardscaping, wayfinding, lighting, and site furnishings.  The preparation of the Master Plan will require Chen Moore and Associates (CMA) to identify and analyze all City streets, thoroughfares, parks, and other select public spaces for opportunities based on high to low visibility classifications. CMA will have meetings with the City Commission, City staff, and citizens to gather input to prepare several unique conceptual options. The concepts shall include landscape, hardscape, signage, lighting, and other aesthetic treatments. The multiple conceptual designs will be brought again before the public for review and additional comments. CMA will refine the feedback and will review a Final Landscape Master Plan with City Commission and City staff. The Final Landscape Master Plan will be presented at a public Commission meeting. A Final Design Guidelines Manual (FDGM) will be created to be applied to the public spaces identified in the Master Plan. Public spaces will be categorized to receive improvements as funding becomes available. The FDGM will include preliminary cost estimates for landscape improvements throughout the community and establish a priorities list to aid in developing a Capital Improvement Plan for the individual projects.

City Commission Approves Agreement for Crossing Guard Services
The City Commission approved an agreement with The Butler Group of South Florida, LLC d/b/a Nextaff for crossing guard services.  The City contracts crossing guard services for five public schools in the City. The schools in which the Crossing Guard services are provided are: Cooper City Elementary, Embassy Creek Elementary, Griffin Elementary, Pioneer Middle School and Cooper City High School. There is a total of 20 posts within the City.  With this approval, the contractual company, Nextaff, is prepared to be in operations for the first day of school which is August 16, 2022.

City Commission Rejects Agreement to Conduct a Classification and Compensation Study
The City Commission rejected the awarding of a contract to Evergreen Solution, LLC to develop a classification and compensation study for the City.  This decision follows a Request for Proposal, RFP 2022-4-HR, for a Classification and Compensation Study that was advertised on April 14th, 2022. A total of three companies responded to the solicitation; Dianne Meiller & Associates, Inc., Evergreen Solutions, LLC., and Paypoint HR.  Per our method of award, Evergreen Solutions, LLC was the lowest responsive, responsible bidder, with a bid of $38,000.  In lieu of moving forward with Evergreen Solutions, LLC, the City Commission has directed our Human Resources Department to explore an alternative in-house method of studying City positions and compensation in relation to neighboring municipalities.

City Commission Approves Amended Resolution 22-28, Adopting a Proposed Operating Millage Rate at 5.875
The City Commission adopted a resolution that sets the tentative operating millage rate of 5.875 for Fiscal Year 2023, which commences on October 1, 2022.  Pursuant to Section 200.065(2)(b), Florida Statutes, the City must advise the Broward County Property Appraiser of the Tentative Operating Millage Rate, as well as the date of the City's first public budget hearing scheduled for September 14, 2022, and the second hearing for September 27, 2022. The Tentative Operating Millage Rate approved at this public hearing establishes a millage rate the City Commission may consider and approve during the budget hearings in August or September. The Tentative Operating Millage Rate can be lowered by the City Commission at the upcoming hearings.  Alternatively, the Tentative Operating Millage Rate can be raised, but will require additional notice being provided to each taxpayer at a cost, to the City, for postage.

City Commission Approves Resolution 22-29, Adopting the Preliminary Fire Assessment Rate for Fiscal Year 2023
The City Commission approved a resolution that sets a preliminary Fire Assessment Rate of 81%, which will result in a $288.56 single-family annual rate and generate a flat year-over-year revenue stream for the City.  This fire assessment was calculated using the methodology study prepared by Munilytics and adopted by the City Commission at the June 23, 2020, City Commission meeting. The City is required to submit preliminary assessment rate information from the City to the Property Appraiser for inclusion on the Truth in Millage (TRIM) Notice by August 4, 2022. The City contracts with the Property Appraiser’s Office for the preparation of the preliminary assessment roll and for the statutorily required mail notice for the public meeting at which the City Commission adopts the annual assessment resolution. The proposed resolution provides for the adoption of the initial, not-to-exceed rate schedule. Therefore, in September, the final rates adopted can be lower, but not higher than the rates adopted by this Resolution.     

City Commission Approves Ordinance 22-18 on Second Reading
The City Commission approved an ordinance that has now reclassified $2,100,000 contained within the City’s General Fund balance as “Committed” for City beautification and unfunded capital projects, including $300,000 specifically committed for artificial turf replacement.  At the May 24, 2022 City Commission Regular Meeting there was Commission consensus to bring back an ordinance to commit funds to a stabilization reserve equal to two months. At the June 14, 2022 City Commission Regular Meeting, Ordinance 22-18 was tabled to be heard at the June 28, 2022 City Commission meeting. At the June 28, 2022 City Commission Regular Meetng, the Commission amended Ordinance 22-18 reclassifying $$2,100,000 to the City’s Beautification and Unfunded Capital Projects, including $300,000 specifically committed for Artificial Turf Replacement.

More Information
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The next City Commission Regular Meeting is scheduled for August 23, 2022 at Cooper City City Hall at 9090 SW 50 Place, Cooper City, FL 33328.