City of Cooper City Makes Transition to .GOV Domain

The City of Cooper City's request for a .GOV domain has been granted, following a City Commission directive, in 2021, to pursue the domain  

The initiative driving this request was to clearly designate the City as a government entity and distinguish its domain from any other across the country.  The domain will also provide more security, since .GOV domain names are solely reserved for government entities and cannot be impersonated.

The City is also pleased that an exception was made for its new domain name.  Due to our City's population be less than 50,000, the City was initially informed it would have to include the state abbreviation of "FL" within the domain, similar to the domain name of  The City was determined to make the new domain name memorable and ensure our municipality was assigned the only ""

The City of Cooper City requested the exception in the form of a letter, detailing the uniqueness of our City name, among other major factors.  Across the United States, our municipality is the only “City of Cooper City.”  Furthermore, our central location within the tri-county South Florida region continues to raise our municipality’s profile and recognition as an outstanding place to live and visit.  2020 Census data reflects that our state-wide population has grown by nearly 15% from 2010-2020.  Cooper City has not been an outlier in this swelling population.  As of 2020 Census data, Cooper City’s population stood at more than 34,000 residents.  Cooper City is unique in its calculated and progressive growth, services to its citizens and businesses, and charming qualities not usually found in the middle of a growing metropolitan area.  These are all reasons why the City of Cooper City is pleased to share that the domain of COOPERCITY.GOV has been granted to our unique City, which continually strives to set itself apart from all other municipalities.

The City would like all residents, businesses, and stakeholders to be aware that the domain will continue to work throughout this transition process.  City email addresses will also reflect the change by the second quarter of the 2022 calendar year.

In order to obtain and maintain COOPERCITY.GOV the City of Cooper City will meet the general and specific requirements for federal agencies, found at