City Commission Regular Meeting Brief for April 25, 2023

City Commission Approves Resolution 23-1

The City Commission passed and approved Resolution 23-1 as amended. This resolution amends City Commission’s administrative procedures and policies, which includes the duties and responsibilities of the Executive Assistant, issuing of proclamations, commission meeting end time, placement of agenda items, and dias seating.

City Commission Approves Ordinance 23-10

The City Commission approved and passed the second reading of Ordinance 23-10, amending Chapter 6 entitled “Buildings and Building Regulations,” Article VIII, entitled “Vacation Rentals,” providing for additional permit requirements, noise monitoring devices, defining maximum occupancy requirements, additional penalties, and enforcement including designating noise violations as a health, safety, and welfare violation with expedited enforcement.

City Commission Appoints Director, Alternate, and Second Alternate to Broward League of City Board of Directors

The City Commission passed and approved a motion to appoint a Commissioner Jeremy Katzman as Director, Commissioner Ryan Shrouder as Alternate, and Commissioner Lisa Mallozzi as Second Alternate to the Broward League of Cities Board of Directors.

City Commission Approves the Third Amendment to the Agreement with Brokerage Services

The City Commission approved on consent the third amendment to the agreement with the The Gehring Group for insurance brokerage services.

City Commission Approves Purchase of Sod and Sod Installations for Athletic Fields

The City Commission approved on consent a motion to authorize the purchase of sod and sod installation for city parks with Mullings Engineering Services, Inc., utilizing the Southeast Florida Co-Op.

City Commission Approves Additional Work Orders for Maintenance and Repairs

The City Commission approved on consent, authorizing additional work orders in the amount not to exceed $10,000 to Concrete Works & Paving, Inc., for maintenance and repairs related to drainage work in additional areas in the city.

City Commission Approves Agreement for Well Repair, Maintenance and Rehabilitation Services

The City Commission approved and authorized on consent an agreement with Aquifier Maintenance Performance Systems, Inc., in the amount not to exceed $100,000 for well repair, maintenance, and rehabilitation services and run concurrently with the City of Palm Bay Agreement.


Discussion Items of Note

The City Commission deferred to a future meeting a motion to approve an Interlocal Agreement with Broward County Solid Waste Disposal and Recyclable Materials Processing Authority.

The City Commission also asked staff to bring back recommendations on ways to regulate the usage of Flamingo West Park.


More Information

For more information related to the items on the April 25, 2023 agenda, please visit the City’s website

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The next City Commission Regular Meeting will be held on May 9, 2023 at 6:30pm at Cooper City Hall located at 9090 SW 50th Place, Cooper City, FL 33328.