Cooper City Prepares for Water Meter Replacement Project

Posted: June 20, 2024
Cooper City's Utilities Department will be overseeing a water meter replacement project that is expected to begin in late July 2024 and estimated to take several months to complete. This project is being undertaken to replace digital water meters that have not been transmitting reads.
The City has come to an agreement with a contractor, National Metering Services, Inc., to conduct the water meter replacements. Through this agreement, the contractor is required to provide property owners advanced notice of the scheduled work with a door hanger. The reason for the advanced notice is due to the need to temporarily shut off water to a property when a water meter is replaced. A single water meter replacement typically takes 30 minutes to complete. Please be aware, all Cooper City water meters are located in a meter box that services a property. Access to your home or business is not required to complete a water meter replacement. National Metering Services technicians will be wearing uniforms and highly visible safety gear throughout the project. If no one is home or your place of business is closed, when a water meter is replaced, you will receive a notice on your door stating the meter was replaced.
If your water meter is replaced, the water may be discolored. This is a result of the water being turned off at the main. Please flush your water system by turning on your faucets and letting the water run for 1 minute or until it runs clear.
If you have any questions about this project, please call Utility Billing Customer Service at 954-434-4300 and dial 1. Soon, the City will be providing a list of frequently asked questions and answers to help address expected inquiries.
Background on this Project
The Cooper City Commission approved the purchase of Zenner water meters and an agreement with National Metering Services, Inc. in April 2024. The goal of this project is to replace water meters that have not been transmitting reads.
The City has been facing ongoing challenges with its Advanced Water Meter infrastructure. Of the 11,869 water meters installed, approximately 6,690 are advanced meters, with the rest being manual. These advanced meters have brought about various issues including failures, connectivity problems, and data inaccuracies, leading to a decrease in annual utility revenue estimated at $1,632,587.95. After conducting a thorough analysis, it became clear that the expenses associated with maintaining the existing advanced meter system, coupled with revenue loss and staff compensation, surpassed the potential migration costs from advanced to manual meters. Therefore, City staff recommended adopting a phased approach to replace malfunctioning meters with more reliable alternatives. Beginning with the most problematic advanced meters allows for a gradual transition to a more stable and efficient system. While increasing manual meters necessitates hiring additional resources for meter reading, this strategic shift promises better financial outcomes compared to ongoing maintenance costs.
As a result of the failing meters, monthly billing has been estimated based on affected customers’ previous usage or, in some cases, billed at the base residential rate for multiple months rather than reflecting actual water usage. This issue does not affect all Cooper City Utility customers but only those whose digital water meter has failed to transmit information. 
To check if your property has a digital water meter, please click below on the link for a list of addresses or call us at 954-434-4300 and dial 1. Please remember, this project will only include digital water meters.