RTCC Ribbon Cutting

Cooper City and BSO Unveil State-of-the-Art Real-Time Crime Center

COOPER CITY, FL (June 14, 2023) - Cooper City and the Broward Sheriff's Office (BSO) are proud to announce the successful launch of the groundbreaking Real-Time Crime Center (RTCC), a collaborative effort aimed at revolutionizing public safety and strengthening community security. The grand opening ceremony, marked by a ribbon-cutting event, was held on June 14, 2023, showcasing the culmination of months of hard work and dedication.

The RTCC represents a significant investment by Cooper City and BSO in advanced technology and infrastructure to proactively address public safety concerns. Through strategic planning and the integration of innovative solutions, this 24/7 hub seamlessly incorporates strategically positioned license-plate readers (LPRs) and advanced camera systems throughout key locations such as city buildings and parks.

The grand opening ceremony, held on June 14th, showcased the dedication and collaborative efforts of city leaders, law enforcement officials, and community stakeholders in prioritizing public safety. The ribbon-cutting event marked the official launch of the RTCC, symbolizing the city's commitment to protecting its residents and maintaining a safe community.

"Today, we celebrate not only the opening of a cutting-edge facility, but also the spirit of cooperation and resilience that defines our beloved Cooper City. Let us continue to work together, leveraging technology and innovation, to create an even brighter future for our city, truly making it someplace special," said Cooper City Mayor Greg Ross. 

Since becoming operational, the RTCC has demonstrated its effectiveness in early detection and response to criminal activities. The advanced monitoring and real-time data analysis capabilities have enabled law enforcement to swiftly identify felons and intercept stolen vehicles, preventing potential crimes or swiftly apprehending perpetrators.

Additionally, the RTCC facilitates expedient responses to traffic accidents and critical incidents by providing up-to-date information and enabling more efficient resource deployment. This has significantly enhanced the city's ability to address emergencies and ensure the safety of its residents.

Cooper City's investment in the RTCC underscores its commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology and strategic planning to enhance public safety. By leveraging real-time data analysis and proactive monitoring, the RTCC represents a crucial step towards maintaining Cooper City as one of the safest communities to live, work, and raise a family.

Cooper City BSO will be holding District Tours as part of National Night Out. It will take place Tuesday, August 1 at 1 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. at the Cooper City District Office, 10580 Stirling Road. You can register here or for more information, contact Community Involvement Specialist Ashley Barcena at 954-988-5830.