City Commission Regular Meeting Brief for October 26, 2021


City Commission Approves the Purchase of Microsoft 365 and Related Services
The City Commission approved a three-year purchase of Microsoft 365 cloud-based services, which provides for the City’s email, facilitates collaboration through the use of Teams and Sharepoint, and includes cybersecurity systems.  The yearly cost is $12,206.40 with a total cost of $36,619.20 for the three-year agreement.

City Commission Provides Guidance and Approves the Ability for City Staff to Move Forward on Certain Proposed Projects to Be Funded by the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021
The City Commission was presented with an overview of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) and the ways in which the City can utilize funding.  The City will receive a total of $17,930,000 in ARPA-related funds, of which the first tranche of $8,965,280 has already been received.  Staff has reviewed the project guidelines and developed a preliminary list of proposed projects to be considered by the Commission.  The City Commission has directed staff to move forward in starting the procurement process for certain proposed projects including electronic permitting, transparency portal, small business grants, utility and mortgage assistance, and others that will directly assist residents and businesses.  All projects’ costs and analysis must be brought before the City Commission for final approval.

City Commission Approves Resolution 21-48 and Resolution 21-49 with Contingencies
The City Commission has approved water agreements with the owners of two separate properties in the Town of Southwest Ranches, with contingencies for each agreement.  The City Commission brought concerns forward and allowed the agreements for water service to move forward, as long as certain revisions were made and accepted within the agreements. 

More Information
For more information related to items on the October 12, 2021 agenda, please visit the City’s website at:  You can also watch the full meeting by going to

The next City Commission Regular Meeting is November 9, 2021.