City Commission Regular Meeting Brief for November 15, 2022

City Commission Approves Resolution 22-44
The City Commission approved a resolution, authorizing the renewal of the Interlocal Agreement (ILA) between Broward County and the City of Cooper City for use of temporary debris sites and other related services. In the event of a regional disaster that generates a large amount of debris, Broward County has designated Temporary Debris Management Sites (TDMS) located throughout the County. These TDMS are locations for the delivery of municipal generated disaster debris. The City entered into an ILA with the County for the use of their TDMS and other related services in May of 2018. The ILA expires on November 30, 2022 unless renewed. Upon written consent of the County and the government agency, the agreement with the same conditions can be renewed for two additional five-year terms.

City Commission Approves Resolution 22-45
The City Commission approved a resolution, authorizing the Interlocal Agreement (ILA) between Broward County and the City of Cooper City for airport zoning regulations. Due to the proximity of Cooper City to both Ft. Lauderdale International Airport and North Perry Airport, a portion of the airport hazard area, as defined in Section 333.01(4), Florida Statutes, of the Airport, is located within City’s and County’s municipal limits. City and County are required by Section 333.03(1)(b), Florida Statutes, to either: (i) enter into an interlocal agreement to adopt, administer, and enforce the airport zoning regulations; or (ii) adopt an ordinance, regulation, or resolution creating a joint airport zoning board that shall adopt, administer, and enforce a set of airport zoning regulations.

City Commission Amends and Approves Resolution 22-46
The City Commission approved a resolution, authorizing the execution of an agreement between the City of Cooper City and Bill Clark Tennis Academy, LLC, for the provision of professional tennis services. Bill Clark Academy, LLC currently provides tennis instruction and related services for the City of Cooper City. Bill Clark Academy has served as the Tennis Contractor at the Pool and Tennis Center since its inception in 1995. During this time of service, Bill Clark Tennis Academy has provided exceptional service to the Cooper City Community. The contract term shall be for a period of one (1) year, commencing on December 1, 2022 and terminating on November 30, 2023. The contractor, Bill Clark Academy, LLC, will pay the following fees: 1. Contract term one year at $2,700 per month (Facility Use Fee). Plus, non-resident fee of $45 per non-resident should the participation of non-residency exceed 70% participation.

City Commission Approves Updated Pay Plan
The City Commission approved an updated pay plan, which creates a new salary grade of 24. The pay range for this new salary grade is $92,500 - $132,500.

City Commission Approves Appointment of Assistant Utilities Director
The City Commission approved the appointment of Hamid Nikvan as Assistant Utilities Director at a salary of $123,000 and changing the salary grade from 23 to 24, which has been created for this position. Mr. Nikvan has a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Sadjad University of Technology, Mashhad, Iran. He has over 15 years of experience in design, maintenance and project management of utility systems, including instrumentation.

City Commission Approves Extension of Agreement for Asphalt/Concrete Services
The City Commission approved an agreement with Concrete Works and Paving, Inc. in the total amount of $85,000 for asphalt and concrete patching and restoration services through March 30, 2023. During the June 14, 2022 City Commission Regular Meeting, the Commission approved the agreement until March 20, 2023 but the expenditures were limited to $23,927.27 to last until the end of Fiscal Year 2022. City staff further recommended that the agreement run concurrently with Broward County’s contract with the Vendor provided the contract is extended by Broward County with the terms and conditions acceptable to the City. This recommendation reduces the staff and Commission’s time in processing any additional agenda item when the Vendor’s agreement expires on March 20, 2023.

City Commission Approves Vehicle Purchases Utilizing the Florida Sheriff’s Association Light Vehicle Contract
The City Commission approved the purchase of one (1) 2023 Ford F-350 Regular Cab pickup truck and one (1) 2023 Ford F-350 Crew Cab pickup truck from Duval Ford utilizing the Florida Sheriff’s Association Light Vehicle Contract FSA22-VEL 30.0: Pursuit, Administrative & Other Vehicles. The total cost of purchase for the two vehicles is $114,380.00. The City’s Fleet Division is responsible for making recommendations for vehicle replacements. Replacement criteria is based on replacement due to age, mileage or condition. Unit #3337 is a 2003 Ford F250, assigned to the Public Works Parks Maintenance Division, with over 90,000 miles. Based on the increased maintenance frequency and costs, the Fleet Supervisor has recommended this unit be replaced with a heavy-duty unit that can perform in a variety of construction and towing activity environments. Also, the establishment of a new Streets Maintenance Division requires an additional vehicle added to the fleet to provide adequate service to the City of Cooper City. The Vehicle need is to be able to carry a crew of four people and can tow heavy equipment relevant to the regular operations of street maintenance activities.

City Commission Tables Motion to Approve Piggyback Award for Budget Software
The City Commission tabled a motion to approve a Piggyback Agreement between the City of Cooper City and IGM Technology Corp., for the purchase of a Budget and Annual Comprehensive Financial Reporting (ACFR) software and services package.  This item is expected to be brought forward for further consideration during the November 29, 2022 City Commission Regular Meeting.

City Commission Approves External Audit Services
The City Commission approved the recommendation of an Audit Selection Committee (ASC) for external audit services. Section 218.391 F.S., requires the City Commission to establish an audit committee, with the purpose of selecting an auditor to conduct the City's annual audit. Effective July 1, 2019, the Florida Statues specifies the composition of the committee. The audit committee must consist of at least three members. One member must be a member of the City Commission, who shall serve as the Chair of the committee. The statute prohibits City employees from serving on the committee. The City Commission established an Audit Selection Committee (ASC) chaired by Commissioner Shrouder. The ASC met to review the Request for Proposal (RFP) for Audit Services and establish factors for the evaluation of interested firms. The RFP was issued on August 18, 2022. Four (4) bids were received on the due date of October 20, 2022. The ASC met on November 2, 2022, to evaluate received proposal, and to select a firm to recommend to the full Commission. Based on evaluation ranking and per Florida Statutes, the ASC recommended the highest-ranked qualified firm, Keefe McCullough, CPA’s & Trusted Advisors, as the firm to provide professional audit services to the City. Keefe McCullough, CPA’s & Trusted Advisors will provide audit services for the fiscal years ending September 30, 2022, through 2024 with two optional years extending out to 2026. The highest-ranked qualified firm's dollar proposal for the fiscal year ending 2022 is $45,500, which is currently budgeted at $47,438.

City Commission Approves Ordinance 22-25 on First Reading
The City Commission approved an ordinance, on first reading, amending Chapter 25, Article VI of the City’s Code of Ordinances, entitled “Roads and Rights-of-Way” by specifically amending Section 25-87, entitled “Private Streets.” During the March 8, 2022 City Commission Regular Meeting, the City Commission adopted Ordinance 22-2, establishing a procedure for City vehicles to access gated communities and gated commercial properties. The ordinance stipulated an approved gated emergency access system would be identified by future resolution. Further, the ordinance identified the Fire Marshal as the enforcer for compliance. The City Commission later approved Resolution 22-15, which outlined the approved emergency access system. In addition, the resolution named the Police Chief as the enforcer of the secondary entry code requirement. Currently, the Code Enforcement team is overseeing the implementation and compliance effort. A recommendation to amend Ordinance 22-2, which named the Fire Marshal as the enforcer, has now been approved on first reading to reflect the Police Chief as the enforcer. This brings consistency between practice and policy.

City Commission Rejects Ordinance 22-26 on First Reading
The City Commission rejected an ordinance that would have amended Ordinance 21-24, providing for an amended budget for Fiscal Year 2021-2022. City staff will receive further direction and bring this item forward during a future regular meeting.

City Commission Approves Ordinance 22-19 on Second Reading
The City Commission approved an ordinance, on second reading, amending the City of Cooper City’s Comprehensive Plan by providing a text amendment adopting and incorporating a property rights element. The State of Florida established state statutes requiring that certain language be added to municipal Comprehensive Plans relating to property rights. This amendment request adds a new element to the City’s Comprehensive Plan entitled Property Rights. The purpose of the Property Rights Element is to respect judicially acknowledged and constitutionally protected private property rights. The City is initiating the amendment at this time. The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (FDEO) will not accept any amendments to the Comprehensive Plan without the required Property Rights language included. This new element is required as part of our Comprehensive Plan and was sent to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity for review.

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