City Commission Regular Meeting Brief for February 28, 2023

City Commission Approves Resolution 23-2

The City Commission passed and approved Resolution 23-2, executing the Fifth Amendment to the agreement for police services between the City and BSO Sheriff Gregory Tony. This amendment will increase BSO-DLE staffing by adding one Sergeant. The new Sergeant will be assigned to the City’s soon-to-be-launched Real Time Crime Center.


City Commission Approves Ordinance 23-5 on First Reading

The City Commission passed and approved the first reading of Ordinance 23-5, which amends Chapter 2, article V, Section 2-116. This will change the ordinance provides that individuals serving on the City’s advisory boards, shall serve at the will of the commission member that appointed them.


City Commission Approves Ordinance 23-3 on Second Reading

The City Commission passed the second reading of Ordinance 23-3 amending Chapter 5 of the City’s Code of Ordinances entitled “Animals and Fowl” by amending the definition of “Public Nuisance” in Section 5-3.  The definition was initially changed to include the actions of an animal constitute a nuisance when an animal disturbs the rights of, threatens the health of, safety of, or damages a member of the general public or property, and interferes with the ordinary use and enjoyment of public or private property, including, but not limited to common areas, rights-of-way and sidewalks.


City Commission Approves Motion to continue using Nexstaff to Hire Crossing Guards

The City Commission approved a second amendment with The Butler Group of South Florida, LLC D/B/A Nexstaff for Crossing Guard Services. The City contracts crossing guard services for the five public schools in Cooper City through the City of Miramar’s contract with Nextaff. The City has been very satisfied with the services provided by the vendor. The contractual company, Nextaff, will remain in service with the City through June 2024. 


City Commission Approves Ordinance 23-4 on Second Reading

The City Commission passed the second reading of Ordinance 23-4 amending Article I, Section 2-3, entitled “request for information concerning city liens.” This authorizes the City Manager to establish a reasonable administrative fee for lien searches. Currently, the City charges $50 for lien searches. The amount has not changed since the year 2000. Staff requested an increase of the lien search fee. This is due to current economic conditions, wages, benefits, and labor hours.


City Commission Approves Motion on Participating and Funding Biosolids Solution Study

The City Commission approved and authorized a motion on consent to execute an Interlocal Agreement with Broward County. The City will participate and join in funding the County’s Regional Biosolids Solution Study in the amount of $3,098.46. This study would determine the feasibility of constructing a biosolids management facility, processing, technologies, process improvements, and holistic alternatives that incorporate both sludge treatment, co-treatment of organics, energy generation, and reuse on a regional basis.


City Commission Approves Motion to Purchase Corrosion Inhibitor

The City Commission approved and authorized a motion on consent to purchase of a corrosion inhibitor, Carus 3380, from Carus LLC for more than $21,000. This will be for immediate use in the City’s water treatment process until the end of the 2023 Fiscal Year.


Discussion Items of Note

The City Commission came to a consensus for the City Attorney to draft an ordinance for the Planning and Zoning Board to have an attorney present at meetings and to follow a quasi-judicial format for significant petitions on Land Use Items.

At the same time, City Commission is looking to engage an expert to review and edit Cooper City’s land use and signage codes with resident input. The City Commission asked staff to bring back quotes to potentially bring on a consultant.


More Information

For more information related to the items on the February 28, 2023 agenda, please visit the City’s website You can also watch the full meeting by going to

The next City Commission Regular Meeting will be held on March 14, 2023 at 6:30pm at Cooper City Hall located at 9090 SW 50th Place, Cooper City, FL 33328.