City Commission with Green Advisory Board

City of Cooper City Celebrates Fifth Consecutive Year as Certified Community Wildlife Habitat

Cooper City, FL (August 8, 2023) - The City of Cooper City is thrilled to announce that it has once again achieved certification as a Community Wildlife Habitat. This certification marks the city's fifth consecutive year of recognition, underscoring its unwavering commitment to promoting wildlife conservation and education within the community.

Each year, to attain this prestigious certification, the city is required to accumulate 30 certification points. These points are acquired through various projects and community activities dedicated to safeguarding wildlife and advancing environmental awareness.

In the current certification cycle, the Green Advisory Board (GAB), in close collaboration with the Public Works Department, has surpassed expectations by amassing an impressive 54 certification points. This remarkable accomplishment highlights the city's devotion to enhancing its local environment and creating a harmonious ecosystem for both residents and wildlife.

The Green Advisory Board's commitment has been demonstrated through active participation in numerous community events, including the City's annual Tree and Plant Care Workshop, Senior Expo, Founder's Day, and Light Up Cooper City. Furthermore, GAB members have been proactive in engaging with external communities, sharing their expertise and knowledge at various events and presentations.

Cooper City takes immense pride in its continued efforts to conserve and protect wildlife habitats. Presently, the city boasts a total of 145 certified Community Wildlife Habitats, comprising certified homes, parks, schools, and city facilities.

The City of Cooper City remains dedicated to preserving its unique natural heritage and promoting a sustainable and environmentally-conscious community.