Autism Friendly Designation

Cooper City Recognized as an Autism Friendly City

COOPER CITY, FL – Cooper City, a vibrant and inclusive community, proudly announces its official designation as an Autism Friendly City. This distinguished recognition, received in April 2023 by the University of Miami-Nova Southeastern University Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (UM-NSU-CARD), underscores the city's unwavering commitment to fostering a supportive and accommodating environment for individuals on the autism spectrum and their families.


The Autism Friendly City designation is a testament to Cooper City's ongoing efforts to create a welcoming community that embraces individuals with autism. It places the city among a select group of municipalities dedicated to ensuring inclusivity and providing necessary resources for the autism community.


Cooper City's achievement as an Autism Friendly City stems from a comprehensive evaluation of its infrastructure, services, and programs, with a focus on accessibility and suitability for individuals on the autism spectrum. Through this evaluation, Cooper City demonstrated exceptional commitment to meeting the specific needs of the autism community, solidifying its status as an autism-friendly destination.


Cooper City offers a range of initiatives and resources designed to enhance the lives of individuals with autism and their families. Key efforts include:


Educational and Awareness Programs: Cooper City is dedicated to raising awareness about autism and promoting education and understanding within the community. Regular training sessions, workshops, and seminars equip residents, educators, and service providers with the knowledge and skills necessary to support individuals on the autism spectrum.


Sensory-Inclusive Events: Cooper City strives to create inclusive opportunities for individuals with autism by organizing sensory-inclusive events throughout the year. These events are thoughtfully designed to minimize sensory stimuli and provide a comfortable environment for participation and enjoyment.


Enhanced Accessibility: Cooper City is actively working to improve accessibility across its facilities and public spaces. Efforts include the implementation of sensory-friendly accommodations, such as quiet areas and visual supports, as well as the consideration of sensory needs in parks, and community centers.


Community Support: Cooper City fosters a strong network of support for individuals with autism and their families. Collaborative partnerships with local organizations and advocacy groups ensure that comprehensive services and resources are readily available to those in need.


Building on its commitment to inclusivity, Cooper City is actively planning its fall events to be autism friendly. These events will be thoughtfully designed to create a welcoming and accommodating environment for individuals on the autism spectrum, ensuring that they can fully participate and enjoy the vibrant community festivities.


Cooper City's achievement as an Autism Friendly City showcases its dedication to creating an environment where everyone feels valued and supported. The city remains steadfast in its efforts to enhance the quality of life for individuals with autism and their families, fostering a community that embraces diversity and inclusivity.


For more information about Cooper City's autism-friendly initiatives and resources, please visit Cooper City welcomes residents, businesses, and visitors alike to experience the warmth and inclusivity that make it an outstanding Autism Friendly City.