A Thanksgiving Message from the City Commission

Each year is filled with momentous occasions, celebrations, and spiritual holidays. The fourth Thursday of November brings a cherished American holiday filled with time-honored traditions. On Thanksgiving, we gather in gratitude to reflect on the many blessings we share.

We give thanks for our residents. You are at the core of what makes our hometown “Someplace Special.” Cooper City grows stronger through your hard work, talent, and interest in improving our city. It is a privilege to represent, and live alongside, residents who care deeply for their community, businesses, and all those who visit Cooper City. The holiday season creates multiple opportunities to attend memorable events with family, friends, and neighbors. It is during this joyous time where our vibrant city truly shines.

We cannot say thank you enough to our police, fire-rescue, public safety personnel and volunteers who work tirelessly to serve and protect our neighborhoods and keep us safe. We are grateful for our City employees who consistently meet our residents’ needs and carry out the Commission’s mission to enhance the quality of life in Cooper City.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, may we all take time to help the less fortunate this holiday season. Our city is blessed to have many faith-based organizations and other non-profits carrying out missions of hope. Thank you to these organizations for the services and programs they offer every day to serve our neighbors in need.

We wish all those traveling this week a safe journey and return home. No matter where you are, we hope you and your loved ones enjoy a very warm and happy Thanksgiving!