City Commission Regular Meeting Brief for October 12, 2021


City Commission Approves First Renewal of Agreement with TD Bank for Procurement Card Services
The City Commission approved the second year of a five-year agreement with TD Bank for Procurement Card Services or “P-Cards” to be used by City employees while purchasing city-related items or services, and to accept the Rebate Schedule pricing for the Southeast FL Governmental Purchasing Cooperative Group.  The rebate program financially rewards clients for making purchases with their TD Bank-issued cards.

City Commission Approves Agreement with Allied Universal for Sodium Hypochlorite
The City Commission approved the procurement of Sodium Hypochlorite, which is used to treat the City’s potable drinking water for disinfection prior to distribution to our customers.  Similarly, this product is added to our treated wastewater effluent prior to disposal, or transfer for reuse.  Cooper City uses approximately 113,000 gallons of Sodium Hypochlorite per year at an annual cost of approximately $56,000.

City Commission Approves Resolution 21-47
The City Commission approved the Regional Interlocal Agreement for Cooperative Fire, Rescue, Emergency Medical Services, and Special Operations Response through Automatic Aid and Closest Unit Response.  This interlocal agreement provides for the establishment and funding of communications infrastructure for fire and emergency medical services to facilitate closest unit response for life-threatening emergencies and support for regional specialty teams.

More Information
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The next City Commission Regular Meeting is October 26, 2021.