City Commission Regular Meeting Brief for August 22, 2023

City Commission Extends Solid Waste Contract

The City Commission granted the approval of Resolution 23-18, authorizing the seventh amendment of the original agreement, extending the existing Waste Management solid waste contract by six months. This extension, effective from October 1, 2023, through March 31, 2024, will ensure uninterrupted waste management services for our community.


City Commission Approves Utilization of Phosphogypsum Amendment

The City Commission motioned to endorse Ordinance 23-17, introducing an amendment to Chapter 25 of the City's Code of Ordinances. This amendment, reflected in Section 25-97, serves to prohibit the utilization of phosphogypsum in the construction or repair of city or private roads.


City Commission Approves Restrictions on Campaign Contributions from Vendors and Developers

The City Commission has granted approval for Ordinance 23-18, which enforces a prohibition on candidates from soliciting or accepting campaign contributions from city vendors, lobbyists, or real estate developers, in accordance with ethical considerations and good governance practices.


City Commission Approves Classification and Compensation Study

The City Commission approved the recommendations from the Evergreen Solutions LLC Classification and Compensation Study. These recommendations are subject to review and confirmation by the Collective Bargaining Union before implementation.


City Commission Appoints Representatives

The City Commission named Commissioner Ryan Shrouder as its representative to the Solid Waste Disposal and Recyclable Materials Processing Authority of Broward County Governing Board. Commissioner Lisa Mallozzi was designated as the alternate representative.


Items on Consent 

The City Commission, in Resolution 23-17, has authorized on consent the release of two cash warranty (maintenance) bonds, totaling over $306,400.33 and $45,438.80, for the Monterra Active Adult Residences Development Project at 3991 NW 82nd Avenue. These bonds were originally submitted for paving and drainage improvements in partnership with the Central Broward Water Control District. This action does not impact the budget.

Furthermore, the City Commission, on consent, approved an agreement with the City of Cape Coral’s contract with HydroCorp, LLC. This agreement, not to exceed $70,000 annually or as allocated in the yearly budgets, covers management services such as backflow preventer testing, repair, and installation for the city's water system Cross Connection Control Program.


Other Items of Note

The City Commission passed a motion to advance plans for a dog park, earmarked for the southeastern corner of Flamingo Park. The Commission is committed to soliciting substantial public input before proceeding further.

Also, The City Commission passed a motion permitting alcohol consumption at the Community Center and Pool & Tennis Center rental facilities. Staff members have been tasked with developing an ordinance or resolution that will outline the guidelines for this decision. Additionally, they will establish a deposit fee schedule that aligns with the provision of alcohol at these venues. 

Lastly, the City Commission reached a consensus and instructed the City Manager to obtain quotations for the cleaning of the canal located in Flamingo Gardens at SW 118th Avenue.


More Information

For more information related to the items on the August 22, 2023 agenda, please visit the City’s website

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The next City Commission Regular Meeting will be held on September 12, 2023 at 6:30pm at Cooper City Hall located at 9090 SW 50th Place, Cooper City, FL 33328.