City Commission Regular Meeting Brief for November 9, 2021


City Commission Approves Resolution 21-51
The City Commission approved a resolution allowing Three Hearts ADT, a vocational employment and skills training center for adults with developmental disabilities, to operate within the Cooper City Commerce Center located at 12399 SW 53 Street.  The City Commission’s decision followed the Planning and Zoning Board’s recommendation to approve this conditional use agreement.  The City Commission also stipulated that should there be a sale or transfer of ownership at the property, it would require approval of a new conditional use request.

City Commission Approves Resolution 21-52
The City Commission approved a resolution that allows for two variances of the accompanying conditional use agreement that allows Three Hearts ADT to operate at the Cooper City Commerce Center located at 12399 SW 53 Street.  The two variances requested were to decrease the amount of parking required and to increase the amount of community assembly for the center.  The City Commission approved the variances based upon the findings provided by Three Hearts ADT.

City Commission Approves Agreement with Mueller System LLC for Software and Services Associated with the City’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Electronic Water Meters
The City Commission approved a contract allowing the City to purchase the software needed to utilize electronic water meters.  There are currently 6,175 electronic meters installed across the City.  With the City Commission’s approval, the City will be able to collect and access data through a web portal that is hosted and maintained by Mueller System LLC.  The software that is purchased also includes the radio network that the meters use to communicate with data collectors and the data hub.  Furthermore, the WaterSmart customer web portal is the means by which customers can access their meter data and pay their bills online.  The total cost for FY 2022 is $59,341.41, which has been budgeted.

City Commission Approves Purchase of Sewer Cleaning Equipment
The City Commission approved the purchase of a trailer-mounted sewer jetting unit, piggybacking a current purchasing cooperative contract for this kind of equipment.  The equipment that will suit the City’s needs will help the Utilities Department efficiently operate, maintain, and improve the City’s sewer collection systems, which can be subject to debris blockage.  Specialized equipment, such as a trailer-mounted sewer jetting unit, can clear such blockages.  The equipment is proposed to cost $89,585, which is within the current budget for this item.

City Commission Approves the Addition of a Technology Deputy
The City Commission has approved an amendment to the City’s contract with the Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) to add a Technology Deputy.  The sworn deputy, who will fill this position, will provide technological expertise and will assist the City as it continues to roll out advanced technological capabilities that will assist law enforcement.  As a result of the staffing adjustment, the annual consideration payable by the City to BSO shall be increased by $177,128 on an annual basis.  The City will utilize funding provided by the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) to pay for this added position at a prorated rate in FY 2022, while also utilizing ARPA funding for FY 2023 and FY 2024.  The City Commission reserves the ability to eliminate this position.

City Commission Approves Resolution 21-50
The City Commission approved a Water & Sewer Developer’s Agreement for water service for property located at 3541 NW 96 Avenue, Royal Palm Ranches, FL 33024.

City Commission Approves Ordinance 21-25 on First Reading
The City Commission approved an amendment to Ordinance No. 20-9-3 for Fiscal Year 2020-2021 budget upon first reading.  This amendment recognizes the first tranche of funding related to the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA), reimburses the General Fund for expenditures listed in the amended budget by charging said expenditures to ARPA, and recognize a $6,000 grant received from Broward county to fund the Q-LESS tracking system utilized by the Community Development Department.  The first reading of Ordinance 21-25 also embraces an additional amendment in relation to an intra-fund transfer in FY 2020, which will be included within the second reading.

City Commission Approves Ordinance 21-26 on First Reading
The City Commission approved an ordinance providing for regulation of vacation rentals, upon first reading, that is consistent with Florida law and enforceable.  This ordinance seeks to establish a vacation rental registration and permit process to ensure the health, safety, and quality of life for our residents.

More Information
For more information related to items on the November 9, 2021 agenda, please visit the City’s website at:  You can also watch the full meeting by going to

The next City Commission Regular Meeting is November 30, 2021.