Sun Safety Is Always in Season

Summer is in full swing and that's why July is recognized as "UV Safety Awareness Month" ahead of "Summer Sun Safety Awareness Month," which we will mark in August.

It’s important to protect your skin from sun damage throughout the year, no matter the weather. Why? Sun exposure can cause sunburn, skin aging (such as skin spots, wrinkles, or “leathery skin”), eye damage, and skin cancer, the most common of all cancers.

Exposure to UV rays, both natural (from the sun) and artificial (for example from tanning beds, gel manicure lamps or welding torches) causes most skin cancers, including basal cell and squamous cell cancers and melanoma. UV exposure is also linked to merkel cell carcinoma and lip cancer.


Four Tips for minimizing risks:

  •          Cover Up
  •          Stay in the Shade
  •          Choose the Right Sunscreen
  •          Use the Right Amount of Sunscreen


For more information on staying safe in the sun, visit the American Cancer Society's webpage.