Fiscal Year 2019 Adopted Budget


Fiscal Year Ending September 30, 2019 Budget
Please note:  Budget file is large and may take several minutes to load.
The first critical reading of this budget document is the City Manager’s Budget Message. The reader will gain an understanding of the City’s vision for the future.
The reader can review details on new programs, capital outlay, and capital improvements. The funding implications for these programs are identified on a millage summary page.
The Fiscal Year 2019 budget is presented by fund. The fund categories include:
      • General Fund
      • Building Inspection Fund
      • Road and Bridge Fund
      • Police Confiscation Fund
      • Parking Lot Fund
      • Capital Projects Fund
      • Debt Service Fund
      • Stormwater Fund
      • Water-Sewer Funds
      • Water-Sewer Capital Projects Fund
In each of these funds, the order of presentation is the same. The first page of the fund shows summary information which includes:
      • Beginning Fund Balances – FY 18
      • Closing Fund Balance – FY 18
      • Revenues and Expenditures for Current Fiscal Year
      • Fiscal Year 2019 Budget Summary 
The General Fund section also highlights the departments within that fund. More detailed information is provided in each Fund, departmental and other fund summaries.
The department budget presentations consist of a narrative description and a summary of personnel information. The departmental budget section consists of the department’s costs by summary categories (personnel, operating, and capital outlay). Non-operating costs (general debt payments and inter-fund transfers) are also shown in the budget sections, when appropriate.
Requests for funding submitted to the City Manager for modifications to programs are represented in the budget.
The capital projects section represents only those items which are recommended by the City Manager for funding consideration. Information included for these funds consist of a summary of the requests, a table of current year recommended appropriations, and a description of each of the projects. Funding sources for the recommended projects are also identified.
Staff is available to assist in understanding the budget document. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact us at: or at 9090 SW 50 Place, Cooper City, FL 33328.