Formal Quotations and Bids

Formal Bidding

Is required for any item, supply or service that is estimated to exceed $20,000 individually or in aggregate, unless it can be purchased by piggybacking another approved governmental agency contract or by participating in a cooperative bidding process with other approved governmental agencies.

Advertising is required in accordance with the City Charter.  Purchasing shall solicit sealed bids from vendors maintained on the bid list for the commodity sought.  Bids may be solicited from other responsible sources obtained in other ways.  Purchasing shall send out notices inviting bids to at least three (3) parties believed to handle the item, supply or service desired at least two weeks (10 working days) prior to the opening/due date.  Bids received under this method will be sealed and opened at the time and date specified.

Contracts for the services of professionals, including but not limited to architects, engineers and attorneys may, with the approval of the City Commission, be entered into without public competitive bidding.  Qualifications, work history, and other relevant data will be reviewed before entering into such contracts.

Invitation to Bid

The Invitation to Bid (ITB), sent or placed in the hands of prospective bidders, must meet the following conditions and contain the following information:

1.   Must be sealed.

2.   Latest time, date and place for receipt of bids.

3.   Quantity desired.

4.   A full description of item, supply or service

5.   Variances to requested specifications to be stated
      by bidder.

6.   Changes will be allowed only by written addendum. NO VERBAL CHANGE notice shall be given.

7.   Pricing shall be quoted F.O.B. Destination.

8. The City reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids received and to waive informalities.

Disposition of Bids

Bids shall be opened, in public, at the time and place stated in the notice, in accordance with Florida State Statutes.

Tabulation of Bids

Tabulation of all bids will be made available for public inspection.  In the case that a bid does not meet specifications, such fact shall be so recorded.

Recommendation for award of all items, supplies or services shall be submitted to the City Commission for approval when expenditure exceeds $20,000. 

Disqualification of Bidders

Purchasing may declare vendors who default on quotations irresponsible bidders and disqualify them from receiving any business from the City for a stated period of time, subject to the approval of the City Manager.