City Manager's Office

The City Manager serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of the City


The City of Cooper City was incorporated in 1959 and adopted the Commission/City Manager form of government in 1981.

The City Manager ensures the implementation of the policies and directives of the City Commission, manages the daily affairs of administration and oversees the operation of all departments, including Parks and Recreation, Utilities, Finance, Community Development, Police and Fire, and Public Works, in conjunction with each Department Head. The City Manager is also responsible for preparing the annual budget. 

If residents have concerns to be addressed by the City, they may contact the department of the City Manager's office. The manager maybe be able to address the matter promptly or schedule an appropriate time for the resident to present to the City Commission. 

Meet Mr. Alejandro "Alex" Rey

The City of Cooper City welcomed Alejandro “Alex” Rey on June 3, 2024, as City Manager. With over 40 years of extensive experience working in various government entities, including Miami-Dade County, the City of Miami Beach, Town of Miami Lakes, and the City of St. Pete Beach, Mr. Rey boasts a proven track record of successful leadership and management.

Mr. Rey is originally from San Salvador, El Salvador.  He graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management.  He moved to South Florida after college and has resided here for most of his life.  He has been married to his wife, Kathie, for over 35 years and he has three grown children.

Prior to arriving in Cooper City, Alex served as City Manager for the City of St. Pete Beach. During his tenure, he worked with City officials and staff to formulate the first Strategic/Business Plan, finalized complete streets projects for two major arteries, pursued an aggressive approach toward infrastructure upgrades to repair or replace all bridges and piers in the city, and played a pivotal role in maintaining the millage rate at the same level.

Mr. Rey served the City of St. Pete Beach following a long tenure as Town Manager for the Town of Miami Lakes. He arrived as Town Manager in 2002 shortly after the Town’s first-ever Council was seated. Alex was responsible for creating the various departments that serve as the backbone of a municipality. Over the course of more than 15 years, he worked with various mayors and council members to build a community that bares many similarities with Cooper City. The Town of Miami Lakes has been recognized for beautiful green spaces, with more than 100 parks and 17,000 trees within at 6.5 square mile area. Mr. Rey had an instrumental role in upgrading parks along with road and drainage infrastructure without borrowing money, while securing critical grants and maintaining one of the lowest millage rates in Miami-Dade County.

Mr. Rey has been commended for his fiscal savviness. He built valuable experience while serving as the Assistant Director for Miami-Dade County’s Office of Management and Budget. He was responsible for developing revenue enhancement opportunities and helped generate over $50 million in new revenues for the County, where he served in multiple roles from 1983 to 2002.