What Is the CERT Program?  
The Community Emergency Response Team is a group of local citizens who volunteer their time and services to assist in emergency situations or catastrophes, for example a hurricane, until professional help arrives.  It was formed in 1985 by the Los Angeles Fire Department to give basic training in disaster survival and rescue skills.  Cooper City formed its first CERT team in early 2007 – now 40 members strong – and we need your help!
How Does the CERT Program Work? 
Through special CERT training (disaster preparedness, fire safety, first aid, CPR, triage, etc.) designed for citizens to handle wide-spread emergency situations, CERT members are used as first responders, since professional service personnel may not be able to help everyone in need immediately. 
How Can You Become a CERT Volunteer? 
Volunteers can call the Fire Department to find out when and where the next CERT training class is being held. 
Where are the CERT Classes Held? 
Classes run in the evening one night per week from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. for approximately seven (7) weeks at the Cooper City Pool & Tennis Center.  In addition to classroom instruction, you will receive simulated practical experience at your local Fire Department. 
Upon completion of your training, you will be eligible to become a Cooper City CERT member.  In an emergency, you may be dispatched to other municipalities to help. The CERT Program provides an effective first response capability.  Ensuring your own family’s well-being, then acting as a team member in the community, trained CERT volunteers can fan out within their assigned area to provide basic medical treatment, perform light search and rescue duties, extinguish small fires and assist with non-hazardous functions.
For further information, please call (954) 432-8905.