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Updated: January 11, 2023

“While no utility can be stormproof,” says Hardy, “FPL’s ongoing investments in line strengthening and storm readiness are designed to help limit the impact of storms on the electric system and enable the utility to restore service to customers faster when outages do occur.”

Florida Power & Light is working to make its energy grid stronger, in preparation for the upcoming hurricane season.

FPL’s proposed storm-hardening plan is an extension of our efforts to strengthen the energy grid,” Stronger utility poles, better equipment and cutting-edge technology are helping our communities better withstand severe weather and recover more quickly after major storms.”

In key areas, the field crews are replacing wood poles with concrete or steel poles to make the system stronger. In addition, the line workers are replacing smaller distribution lines with larger wire to handle strong winds and protect the system from lightning.

To further harden its system, FPL is upgrading some of its main feeders, which serve thousands of customers at once. By replacing some of the key structures with concrete, the infrastructure has been able to stand its ground, even in severe weather.

FPL has been investing in advanced smart grid technology and using predictive analytics to deliver real-time information directly to technicians in the field. Information from FPL’s smart grid technology is increasingly helping FPL identify power outages, often before they occur, further improving service restoration times and operational efficiencies.

Over the last decade, FPL has focused on training its field workforce, hardening its system and strengthening the main power lines that serve its communities. As such, the energy company is committed to improving the resiliency of the system and providing reliability year-round. To harden a power line, FPL replaces older poles with ones that can withstand hurricane-force winds. The work also includes shortening the distance between poles and possibly moving some power lines underground.

We continue to build one of the nation’s strongest, smartest and most storm-resilient energy grids to provide our customers with reliable service year-round, while keeping our typical residential bills among the lowest in the country,” FPL President and CEO Eric Silagy said. “Our ongoing investments in strengthening the grid and using advanced smart grid technology continue to help us deliver electricity our customers can count on in good weather and bad.”

As part of its annual company-wide hurricane season preparedness drill, Florida Power & Light Co. announced a three-year plan to continue and accelerate the strengthening of its electric system against high winds associated with hurricanes and other major weather events.

These recent experiences show that electric infrastructure that has been strengthened performs better in preventing some storm-related outages, speeding restoration times following severe weather and delivering better overall everyday reliability.



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How do I report a power outage?

When outages occur, we know our customers want and need information on when their power will be restored. FPL will provide updated restoration time estimates and other progress reports via mobile if a storm strikes:

• Website: FPL.com/storm

• Twitter: Twitter.com/insideFPL 

• Facebook: Facebook.com/FPLconnect

• YouTube: YouTube.com/FPL 

• FPL’s blog: FPLblog.com

• FPL’s outage page: FPL.com/Outage 

FPL’s outage number: 1-800-4OUTAGE