Roads, Bridges & Sidewalks

Road Repair:

Pothole repairs are made within one week.  Potholes are repaired on public roadways only, not on private roads or within a driveway apron.

Sidewalk Repair:

The City of Cooper City has a sidewalk replacement program that enables us to maintain safe sidewalks for pedestrian travel. Each year, as budget allows,  the Public Works Department repairs or replaces sidewalks that have become lifted or broken.

Once the repair request is made, the area is inspected to determine what type of repair, if any, is warranted. Sidewalk repairs are prioritized by severity and repaired by the City’s contactor. If the sidewalk is lifted and a grind can be performed, the City will make this type of repair in house.  For sidewalks that fall within the driveway, a signed Hold Harmless Agreement must be submitted to the Public Works Department before the work can be scheduled.

Any property owner that has a sidewalk concern or has a question about the program should contact the Public Works  Department at (954) 434-2300. For more information on our Sidewalk Ordinance, please refer to the City Municipal Code Sec. 25-102.